Name- David Snowden

Age- 29

Role- First Team Captain

Team- First Team

Nickname- Snoddy


1. When did you first play for Sutton CC?

2002 in the under 11's team

2.  What have you been doing to keep you busy during lockdown?

I have been walking a lot!! I also seem to be buying a lot from Amazon.

3. When do you think you will next be playing cricket?

Hopefully August! but more than likley it will be next year now :( 

4.What's the greatest memory of playing for Sutton CC?

It has to be becoming the first team captain.

5. Who takes the longest in the showers after cricket?

Wagon (Tony Walton) with his Jesus flip flops and all that hair he has to wash!

6. Who is the best player you have played with at Sutton CC?

Batter = Paul Hardaker - Bowler = Hami Shazard

7. If you could play against one cricket professional, past or present, who would it be?

It has to be Freddie Flintoff, just for the beer session afterwards.

8. Who is the biggest sulker when out?

Danny Hanson AKA Mr Angry! without a shadow of doubt :) 

9. The ball has just been hit over the beck, Who was the bowler?

Sam Solly with his Demon Spin.

10. What was your favourite TV programme as a child?

Bernards Watch! An absolute Classic.



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