Trip Down Memory Lane

Sutton-In-Craven Cricket Club was formed around 1902 by the Vicar,

playing friendly matches.

By 1904, under the Rev A R Light, they joined the


The team was known as Sutton Church, and to play for the team the members

had to be church-goers.

In 1933 the team, which was now called Sutton Parish, joined the

West Bradford League. Team membership had been thrown open to all

men in the parish.

They re-joined the Craven League in 1940 but after 1941 the team was

not in the league owing to the Second World War, with the shortage of

players etc. Sutton Cricket Club, as it was now known, re-joined the

Craven League in 1946 and shared the championship with JNelson's, and in

1947 won the WYNN Cup.

During the war the cricket ground was used for friendly matches between

local factories, and the Home Guard and ARP Wardens.

Although not winning the WYNN Cup since 1947, the club has won the

Keighley Cup a few times -the first team in 1994 and the second team

in 1984 and 1997.

Now the club is still going strong with two senior and two junior teams still playing

on the same ground after 100 years.

In September 2013 the club purchased the freehold of the ground thereby

securing its future use as a cricket field.

In 2016 the club built a brand new pavilion and changing rooms.

The club went from having the oldest changing rooms in the league built

in the 1930’s to having a pavilion that offers one of the best facilities in the league.