Name- Chris Todd

Age- 59

Role- Treasurer

Team- Sutton CC

Nickname- Toddy


1. What would you say is the best thing about Sutton CC?

The Pavilion, the playing area and also the surroundings.

2.  What have you been doing to keep you busy during lockdown?

I have actually managed to move house during the lock down so that has kept me busy!

3. When did you first join Sutton CC?

All the way back in 1988 when I moved to Sutton.

4.What is your greatest memory of playing for Sutton CC?

Falling flat on my face (well my belly actually) when bowling and also when taking a one handed catch in slips both when Paul Williams was XI captain.

5. What’s your role within the club?

I'm the money man, I look after the clubs finances, I am also the clubs bar licence holder.

6. Where do you see the club 5 years from now?

I hope the club will have all of the facilities completed and we will be looking to improve ground equipment to the best that we can afford.

7. What is the next step for the club?

To knock down the old changing room and built a new garage, also an extention to the bar storage area.

8. When did you first join the committee?

In 2004 I think

9. Greatest challenge while being on the committee?

Funding, building and running the new pavilion.

10. What made you fall in love with cricket?

When I was back at school, it was the teaching and coaching given at school just made me fall in love with the sport.