Name- Stuart Todd

Age- 29

Role- Head of media

Team- Sutton CC

Nickname- Toddy


1. What would you say is the best thing about Sutton CC?

The family feel. It’s great to see when I’m down at the club. Everyone looks after each other.

2.  What have you been doing to keep you busy during lockdown?

I have moved up to Middleham with my girlfriend and a 2 year old so I have been very busy playing in the garden and watching kids tv!

3. When do you think you will next be playing cricket?

Sadly I think grassroots cricket will next be played next year.

4.What is your go to drink after a cricket match on a hot sunny day?

Well as I don’t play cricket this would have to be changed to my go to drink while I am watching cricket. The latest hand-pull beer we have on the club is a favourite for me. It’s currently Hetton pale ale.

5. What’s your role within the club?

Head of media involves building and looking after the clubs websites and social media platforms. We have in the last few weeks launched our new online club shop where you can buy sutton cc merchandise and as well as cricket fashion and training equipment. We have just launched our page on instagram. Give us a follow!

6. Where do you see the club 5 years from now?

I think the club will move to the next level. I think with the new electric scoreboard and the plans for the pavilion the club is only going one way at the moment.

7. What is the next step for the club?

The installation of the new scoreboard will look great for when the teams are back playing. For me I am looking at developing a new app for the club that will be linked to our current website.

8. When did you first join the committee?

I first joined the committee when the new pavilion was built to help with the running of the bar. Many of you will have seen my face behind the bar over the last few years. I am now looking at joining you on the right side of the bar!!

9. Greatest challenge while being on the committee?

Building the website. This was a real challenge for me as I had only done a little bit of web development before this. Working with play cricket and integrating this so we can offer live scoring to everyone where ever they are in the word.

10. Any last comments?

I hope everyone is staying safe. We all look forward to welcoming you down to sutton cricket club as soon as we can.